• Mapping Services
      • IoT Based Services
      • Modelling and Simulation Services

    Excel Geomatics provides following services:

    Consultancy Services

    Master planning

    • Environmental and natural resources management
    • Architecture and archaeology Mapping
    • Fire and emergency services support and planning
    • Emergency operations management
    • Disaster response and preparedness Master Planning and Future Development
    • Understanding and visualizing your surroundings
    • Siting future projects in relation to mission
    • Getting site details before design begins

    Mappingand Survey

    • Data Acquisition (field/satellite /Drone based)
    • DGPS Survey
    • Aerial Triangulation
    • Break line & Mass Point
    • Creation of DTM, DSM
    • Creation of Otho-Rectified Image
    • Contour Mapping
    • 3D Analysis and maps
    • Other GIS layers