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Smart Mapping

Gap Analysis& Development of Infrastructure

Study of Inter dependent Infrastructure and Planning to provide seamless services

Decision Support System for Efficient Infrastructure management

Establishment of Control Command Centers

Provide training and updation facility for life time to Authority


GIS Enterprise of All Infrastructure

3D Modelling of City

Mobile App Designing (user Friendly)

Website Designing (User Friendly


Decision Support System for All Infrastructure

Mobile Alert System

Web-GIS website & Server

Control Command Center & Database Handling

Positioning and Machine Control


Consisting of models related to analytics, visualization, business logic, semantics; data catalogs, metadata etc.

Consisting of various applications used by citizens, municipal staff and administrators related to various departments of the smart city

Continuously monitor the parameters of city subsystems, which consists of a network of machines, sensors, IoT devices and human sensors.

Consisting of federated or desperate databases related to the functioning of urban bodies and municipalities along with the departments supporting the city infrastructure like transportation, utilities etc.


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