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Infrastructure Planning

Infrastructure Mapping



Excel Geomatics provides following services in the field of Infrastructure mapping-

Creation of GIS database along the Proposed Rail/Road Alignment

2D Mapping using High Resolution Satellite Image

3D Mapping using

Aerial Stereo-pair/ Drone Images

LiDAR Scans

Creation of L-Section along the preliminary alignment

DTM creation using satellite/aerial stereo-pair/Drone Images

3D analysis in GIS environment

Creation of As-Built map in the RoW of existing Rail/Road Infrastructure

Cut and Fill analysis along the proposed infrastructure

Solar Parks

Excel Geomatics provides following services

Drone Survey for Solar Park feasibility study

Data Analysis

Flood Extent in maximum 100 years period of time. Flood risk assessment with Drone based independent temporal period precise images are cost effective solution to this problem.

Generally low cost land is acquired to keep the capital expenditure low and make the project feasible. However these lands are barren and have undulating topography so the lands are very much prone to natural flooding.

Proper technical planning approach will ensure the safety of park from natural flooding & waterlog condition.

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