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2d mapping services

Excel Geomatics along with its partners, provide following services-

Topographical Mapping & Surface Modeling
Topographical mapping is done from Topographical Map sheets. Interpolation of contours is done to create surface models and supply data in different raster formats.

2D & 3D GIS Data Model Creation
Data captured in 2D and 3D environment is processed to create 2D & 3D data models.

Data and Overlay Analysis
Excel Geomatics provide data analysis in GIS environment. Overlay analysis of spatial data is performed by setting up definitive rules.
Decision rules developed either in-house or provided by Experts/Scientists are used to create different derivative maps.

Geological and Topographical Survey
Excel Geomatics also carry out Surveys for collection of Geological data and validation of different maps created in-house.

Topographical Survey is also performed using Total Station and DGPS. Excel Geomatics also has the access to Dual Frequency DGPS.

LiDAR Survey
Excel Geomatics, along with its partners provide terrestrial LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) Survey data. Using LiDAR, it is possible to get information even beneath tree cover.

Precise mapping of surface geological features like faults, fractures etc, is possible even in partially obscured area using LiDAR Survey.

It is possible to create high precision Digital Terrain Model using LiDAR data.

Aerial Survey
Excel Geomatics, along with its partners provide facility for Aerial Data acquisition.
We along with our partners, provide a complete range of services starting froma.
Project Planning and Estimation
Clearances from DGCA
Arrangement of Aircraft modified for Aerial Data Acquisition
Arrangement of Camera/Sensor for Aerial Image/LiDAR data acquisition
Pre-processing of Aerial data
Post processing of Aerial data

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