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3d mapping services

Aerial Triangulation

  • Aerial Triangulation of Aerial Photographs and Satellite Stereo-pairs is done both using GPS-IMU/RPC files with or without Ground Control Points.
  • Both Automatic and manual AT is performed as desired by different clients.

3D Cartography

  • We have team, experienced in capturing planimetric features at regional to large scales ranging from 1:5000 to 1:480.
  • Number of features ranges from 30 to as high as 240.

DSM, DTM and Contour Creation

Excel Geomatics provide

a) Auto correlated DSM, after hydrographic re-enforcement
b) DTM, representing the ‘Bare Earth’
c) Contours after smoothening
d) Manual Contours (Stream Contours)

Ortho-rectification, Mosaic & Color Balancing

Aerial images are orthorectified using EO parameters and DTM.

This is done either using inputs provided by the client or by performing AT and
creating DTM, in-house.

Color balancing, Seam-line creation, manual seam-line editing, mosaic creation, and tiling are followed by ‘digital retouch’ to create quality output.

Ortho-rectification, Mosaic & Color Balancing

Excel Geomatics has got the capability to generate ‘True Ortho photo’ using Digital Surface Models and multiple images with more 80% of overlap. It is ensured that after True-Ortho rectification

The process of True Ortho-rectification is followed by the process of color balancing and digital retouch to create a seamless and visually pleasing output.
Mostly Tiling is also performed to ease data handling.


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